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Heat Recovery Ventilation Maintenance

HRV systems are extremely important to maintain throughout their lifetime. HRV’s are highly recommended to be installed into every new build and they may become mandatory in the near future. These systems are installed into homes in order to bring fresh air into the home and remove the stale air. When these filter systems are not maintained properly the dust build up on the filters will cause your system to become less efficient and the health benefits from these systems will be lost.

Quarterly Maintenance

$ 90
  • Rinsing the filters
  • Wiping down the HRV housing
  • Inspecting any visible fittings and hoses
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Yearly Maintenance

$ 150
  • Washing filters
  • Washing the core
  • Vacuuming the HRV housing
  • Wiping down the HRV unit
  • Removing fans to clean and inspect
  • Inspecting all visible fittings and hoses
  • Flushing the condensation drain
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